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The Premier Athletic Court Construction Company, Founded in 1975

As a third generation family company, Moe Molcho & Al Beyda Construction builds, hand-paints, and maintains premium athletic courts in the NY/NJ Metropolitan area. Due to our obsessive care and perpetual drive to master our craft, we have consistently maintained a longstanding reputation as a company that provides courts with top-tier play. Enjoy laser-straight lines, optimal ball-bounce, and customized irrigation programs, for your clay courts to appear and play like new. With our hard-courts, our customers enjoy the richest coats of premium acrylic paint, the highest-quality asphalt paving, and some of the toughest nets, hoops, and posts in the industry. Our mission is to provide incomparable customer service to exceed your expectations. We hope to be fortunate enough to service you.

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On December 10, 2019, Ellen DeGeneres and First Lady Michelle Obama officially announced their once in a lifetime gift to Randle Highlands Elementary School in Washington D.C. The gift was comprised of $100,000 cash, a brand new state-of-the-art basketball court branded with school mascot and logos, a brand new Apple-sponsored computer lab, and personal I-pads for each of the 350 children. 

A.C. Beyda was brought in to handle the full scope of construction and finishing of the basketball court which required mobilizing asphalt and grading crews on very short notice, and running a seamless schedule to have all work completed before the winter cold set in. 

The entire A.C. Beyda team is humbled to have brought so much joy to the children and faculty of this school. With 65% of the children, either homeless or on foster care, this project sends the all-important message that children are our future and we must do anything possible to keep them shooting for the stars. 

A.C. Beyda Builds High-Profile Basketball Court for NBC's The Ellen Show

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AC Beyda Construction is here to help you create the court of your dreams! From start to finish we will design, construct, personalize, and maintain both private and public premium athletic courts to meet your needs. With over 40 years of experience, we are certain we will provide optimal service and ensure your satisfaction with your new court.

Contact us at 1(732)-692-7440 for a free consultation. 


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Jay C.

Thankfully, I was introduced to you, and now in what felt like no time, I have a magnificent court that my kids and I cannot get off of!!!

Dual Pickleball and Basketball Court; Ocean Township, NJ

Jimmy H.

Working with Albert was a complete pleasure.  We asked him to jump through hoops to get the EXACT colors.  He was able to match what we wanted perfectly.  His crew was really professional and the court is phenomenal!!

Custom Basketball Court; Allenhurst, NJ

Eddie E.

I would not consider using anyone else whatsoever. The work they did, and the service they provided was incredibly professional. Bottom line; I continue to be unbelievably satisfied.

Multiple Recreational Spaces; Ocean Township NJ

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