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Planning and Construction

From the early design plans, to construction and drainage addition, our team of professional contractors work on each individual court with precision and care. We also offer customization, which includes personalized logos, symbols, and characters to make your court stand out. 

We can build you a court from a variety of different surfaces.

For Tennis/Racquet Courts, you can choose from clay surfaces or hard surfaces:

  • Within the clay category, we build Har-Tru sub-surface irrigation or above surface irrigation systems.

  • For hard courts, we pave 4" asphalt pads with at least four coats of acrylic sports surface paint on top.

  • We also offer hard surfaces with a cushion component that relieves stress off of joints. 

  • Padel courts with turf surface, glass super structure enclosures, and lighting systems

  • Hard or cushion surface pickleball courts

  • Platform Tennis courts

For Basketball Courts, you can choose the cushion or hard option. We can build:

  • Full Court

  • Half Court

  • Driveway Hoop Installations and line striping

Sizes vary based on budget and property dimensions. There is no court too big or too small!

We also design and construct Other Sport Surfaces such as:

  • Sand volleyball courts with perforated pipe drainage and wood borders

  • Concrete shuffleboard courts coated with sport surface seal and line striping

  • Clay or turf bocce courts

  • Asphalt or gravel bicycle paths


And many more popular athletic courts!

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