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Our Legacy

   Our founder, Moe "Moishe" Molcho, came to the United States from Israel in 1966 to earn a living for his family. He left behind his dear pregnant wife Elana, and young son Ron in Israel, as he toiled in the U.S. alone for 1.5 years. Late in 1967, Elana, her son Ron, and their infant daughter Tally, flew to the U.S. to join their patriarch so they can begin their journey as a family and live out the American Dream.

   Moish hustled for the first couple years on his own; with various honest days of work being a garbage man, gas station attendant, and machine operator. Hold on to the latter occupation as it paved a way for his multi-decade success story...



   He operated bulldozers, loaders and other heavy equipment as an employee for a Monmouth County construction firm. However, something changed during a tennis match with a friend in the early 1970's. This friend convinced Moish to go on his own, and helped him secure business loans. Starting with one Caterpillar Loader; Moish started slowly building up his sitework business with excavation services, and then added site grading and pipe-laying services as the business began to grow.

   In 1975, one of his sitework clients in Deal, NJ, approached Moish with an opportunity. It went like this, "Moe, did you ever build a clay tennis court?" Moe answered, "No, but I'll tell you this. Hire me to build you one and you will have the best damn tennis court in Deal!" The client walked upstairs and came back with a $5,000 deposit. Moish then bought a book, How to Build a Tennis Court, used his construction acumen and his legendary charm, and the rest is history! Suddenly he found himself with a countless number of customers who grew as closely knit to Moish as family members.


Grandpa Moe Molcho operating a crane in 1960, where he worked in Israel on the Jordan River to secure the border by Syria.


Grandpa Moe Molcho and his wife Elana


Grandpa Moe Molcho and his family

   Over 1,000 athletic courts later, in 2008, Moish handed over day to day responsibilities to his great-nephew, Jonathan Shoham, as he remained Chairman. Jonathan was a diligent, detail-oriented, hard-working steward of the family legacy who brought the company through a strong growth period. All-the-while with just one pickup truck and one trailer, he focused solely on the surrounding areas of Deal, NJ.


   In December 2016, the time had come to sell the company to the next generation family member, Albert Beyda. Moish and Jonathan had passed the sacred family business values, knowledge, and hands-on skills to Albert. Since the transition, Albert and his loyal, extremely skilled team members, many of whom worked under Moish and Jonathan, have built, painted, maintained, and repaired over 500 athletic courts. 


Our company's coverage areas have expanded greatly under Albert, including, but not limited to: 


  • Deal/Long Branch/Ocean Township/Rumson/Wayside vicinities of Monmouth County, and beyond

  • Lakewood/Toms River/Jackson vicinities of Ocean County, and beyond

  • Brooklyn/Manhattan/Great Neck of NYC, and beyond

  • Teaneck/Englewood/W. Orange etc of Bergen County, and beyond

  • Long Distance high-profile jobs in Washington D.C. and around the USA


   We now have the largest fleet of crews in the company's history, and have been obsessively innovative, while constantly building up our customer service infrastructure. With more crew members, Albert is able to put even more diligent care into each job. Each court has more eyes to carefully observe and new-age technology to deliver innovation. We have achieved a deeper relationship with our material suppliers and sitework partners, to deliver stronger value and speed for our customer 


   We continue to perfect the "24/7 white glove concierge" customer service our founder instilled in us. Our customers know that when they call once, we are there. As Mr. Molcho always stressed about the peak sports season, "There are only 10 weeks of summer. The customer needs to get everything they need, at the moment they request it. NO EXCEPTIONS".

image0 (2).jpeg

Present Day Grandpa Moe Molcho

1st Generation Founder


Jonathan  Shoham (2nd generation family owner),

 Al Beyda (3rd generation family owner)

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